Haori Maintenance Service

The Haori Service Maintenance Package is designed to ensure your Haori product operates at its peak performance throughout its lifespan.

  • What is it?

    This comprehensive package includes regular inspections, scheduled maintenance services, and prompt repairs by certified technicians. Our goal is to minimize downtime and prevent any potential issues before they arise. By subscribing to the Haori Service Maintenance Package, customers gain peace of mind knowing their investment is protected through expert care, including the replacement of parts with genuine Haori components, software updates to keep the system running smoothly, and detailed reports on the health and status of their equipment. This proactive approach not only extends the life of your Haori product but also ensures it continues to meet the high standards of efficiency, reliability, and performance Haori is known for.

  • Pricing

  • What do you get for Contract Maintenance?

    • Cleaning of evaporator coil
    • Cleaning of condenser coil
    • Cleaning of condensate drain pan
    • Cleaning of condensate water drainage system
    • Cleaning of blower wheel and blade
    • Checking of all electrical component
    • Checking of all setting
    • Lubricating of all moving parts
    • Checking of gas/refrigerant system
      Priority for all break down inspections at no additional charges