Japanese inspired

Inspired by Japanese tradition. Designed for modern living.

HAORI redefines what the air-conditioner means in the modern home by prioritizing both form and function. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese outer jackets, Haori crafts a sleek, stylish design that seamlessly integrates into modern home interiors, adding a touch of designer sophistication.

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Functional Style

Haori epitomizes the fusion of cutting-edge technology and exquisite design. Backed by Toshiba’s trusted air conditioning technology, it seamlessly unites style and functionality to create an exceptional cooling experience.

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Features of HAORI Air Conditioner

  • Energy Efficiency
    HAORI is awarded a 5-tick rating by the National Environment Agency, the highest energy efficiency rating. A lower power consumption equates to reduced energy costs and increased savings.

  • DC Hybrid Inverter Technology
    Toshiba’s Inverter Technology allows for precise and efficient temperature control.

  • Plasma Ionizer & Ultra Pure Filter
    The Plasma Ionizer optimises the capture of allergens, dust, and odours, whereas the Ultra Pure Filter provides up to 94% purification of PM2.5, capturing micro-organisms and fine particles.

  • Aqua Resin-coated Coil
    This coil creates a slippery surface, which prevents dust and dirt from sticking on. This way, impurities are drained more effectively, keeping your aircon clean and fresh for longer.

  • Home AC Control App
    With the new Toshiba Home AC Control app, available on iOS and Android, users can enjoy personalised comfort in a quick and convenient way.

  • Wi-Fi Activated
    HAORI air conditioners can be controlled from anywhere and anytime.

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Haori Showroom at Perennial Business City

Learn more about HAORI air conditioners at an exclusive showroom

Step into the exclusive showroom to personally experience HAORI in Singapore. Schedule your visit today and witness the fusion of design and technology yourself.

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Wi-Fi® connection required. Works with iOS® 10 or later, or Android™ 5 or later. Voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant.

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The showroom is located at 1 Venture Avenue, #08-01 Perennial Business City, Singapore 608521 (via Lobby B), and is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, Saturday from 10am to 6pm, and Sunday from 1pm to 6pm. The showroom is closed on Public Holidays.