Japanese inspired

Inspired by Japanese tradition

Designed for Modern Living

HAORI redefines what the air-conditioner means in the modern home.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese outer jacket, it is designed with form and aesthetics to harmonise with your interiors. The slim line design and stylish outer fabric cover seamlessly adds another designer element within your home.

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style flexibility

Infinite Possibilities

Any style. Any design. Any moment. Any vibe! With easy-to-replace fabric covers, Haori ensures that your air conditioner reflects your mood every time. Haori features European-made Acacia fabric, renowned for its strength and durability. The covers are washable, fire-retardant, and non-toxic.Fabric colours remain vibrant over time, thanks to fade-resistant qualities against sun exposure and other environmental factors. It’s time to experience a cooler style of living with Haori.

stay cool and in control

Haori Remote Controller

Haori comes with a luxury, contemporary black and brushed texture façade remote control. The intuitive remote control is packed with advance functions including Power select and ECO modes to help reduce energy usage, and Hi-Power mode for rapid cooling, and HADA Care Flow for upward airflow that is gentle to your skin. It also features a magnetic wall mounted holder.

take control of your cooling

Ultimate cooling convenience

Control settings from the comfort of your bed or using just your voice!Download the Toshiba Home AC Control app on iOS or Android, for a fast and convenient way to control the comforts of your home and monitor energy usage.Also, connect your Haori with smart speaker voice control functions compatible with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Superior Indoor Air Quality

Breathe easy with the HAORI. Toshiba’s powerful Plasma Ionizer accelerates the capture and neutralisation of air pollutants to ensure your indoor air is always clean, fresh, and healthy. The Ultra Pure Filter provides up to 94% purification of PM2.5 capturing micro-organisms and fine particles – creating healthy living spaces.

Easy Care

Toshiba’s innovative Aqua Resin-coated coil enables trapped impurities to drain more effectively so your air-conditioner stays clean and new – always. Experience better energy efficiency, and healthier and fresher air with Haori.

The self-cleaning function continues to run the blower at low speeds after shut down to dry the coils, preventing mould growth to keep air fresh and clean.

5-ticks Energy Rating

Enjoy cool comfort with Haori's low power consumption. A 5-tick energy rating - the most energy efficient rating by NEA - delivers reduced energy costs and increased savings.

Cools room faster and with less energy. Toshiba’s innovative DC Hybrid inverter technology intelligently regulates cooling and maintains consistent room temperature efficiently with lower energy consumption.

Climate Friendly Refrigerant

Enjoy cool comfort with lower carbon footprint. HAORI’s climate-friendly R32 refrigerant has up to 72% lower CO2 emissions compared to other refrigerants and contributes to zero ozone depletion.

An exclusive Haori Showroom

Step into the exclusive showroom to personally experience Haori. Schedule your visit today and witness the fusion of design and technology yourself.

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