Extended - Great Superb Toshiba (GST) Deal

From now till 31 Jan 2024, get up to 20% off your purchase of any Haori aircon system.

The GST for Singapore will raise to 9% starting 1 Jan 2024. Now is the time to get your aircon system before price rise again next year.

Toshiba Haori is absorbing the 8% GST for this period and also offering another 12% off all Haori aircon system purchase, regardless whether you will install by 2023 or by March 2024.

We are also giving away FREE fabric covers (worth SGD 188 each) of your colour choice for any system purchased.

Questions? Call or WhatsApp us at 9773 5167 or contact us via email.

  • Points to note:

    • The mentioned price is for standard HDB (Residential) installations with the default pipe length. Longer pipes will have an added cost.
    • Private residences, condos, and commercial properties may have extra costs due to building size and pipe routing complexities.
    • Services like false ceiling alterations and scaffolding come at an additional fee.
    • Kindly schedule a site inspection with us.

    ** Terms and conditions apply.

  • Toshiba is your trusted partner in selecting the perfect air conditioning system for your home. Our consultative approach involves a comprehensive assessment of your cooling needs, including room dimensions and energy efficiency requirements. We aim to create a personalized, energy-efficient air conditioning solution that maximizes comfort. Don't settle for just any aircon; choose Toshiba to help you make an informed decision. Contact us today for an exclusive consultation session and take the first step towards a perfectly comfortable living space that meets your unique preferences and lifestyle.

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